Week’s end

Top of Mind: A week training in SE Asia. Starting to get familiar with Singapore but Kuala Lumpur was a new destination. I preferred its ramshackle energy to its stuffier relation. Saw plenty of old friends, made some new and ate plenty. What’s not to like?

Listening: I’ve been checking out Darkstar and Plan B, who on their latest releases each take edgy urban music and develop it in interesting ways: the former taking dubstep towards the xx or postal service, the latter taking notes from grime but merging that with soulful grooves.

Reading: There are no more unlikely bedfellows than Tony Blair and John Zerzan, and yet their books sit just next to my pillow. But right now? Catch 22 all the way.

Planning: A trip to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and a walking day out tomorrow with Tom Stafford.

Writing: The Crawford post has become a series, and they’re nearly done.

And you?

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