Week’s end

Top of Mind: Participating in a workshop that combined voice dialogue with Jungian/Campbellian archetypes on Saturday. It was an interesting process and I’m trying to figure out how important it is whether the archetypes are real or simply an arbitrary way to carve consciousness. And then trying to figure out what I mean by real here, anyway. Then I go for a nice, long walk. 

Listening: Sounds of Rum are ringing in my ears, stumbled across them at the Hootenanny yesterday. Kate Tempest is awesome, her a capella almost started a revolution right there in the room.

Reading: Graham Walmsley’s the Watchers in the Skies, a Lovecraftian horror scenario which I played in a playtest version and still get goosebumps from.

Planning: Trying to fit in meeting some good friends before Christmas, and also what to throw into our next session of Apocalypse World.

Writing: Thanks to Zerzan I’m fooling around with a piece about time. Also some funding applications for our Time Bank.

And you?

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