November uprisings

Whoops! Looks like National Write a Novel Month has begun, and I didn’t tell anyone! (Well, I didn’t know.)

It’s a nice idea, and although I have no intention of doing it myself, it’s spurred me to try and write a little more on this little blog. For this post, my purpose is simple – everyone who reads this should think about a creative aim that they’ve been putting off: knit that hat for little nephew, make that list of greatest songs, write that letter to the editors, redraft your story, write a story, update your blog, draw something.

Now do it.

Seriously, this coming week, starting with the heaps of free minutes the weekend offers, get it done. Then, if it’s done, do something else. In this little microcosm of the world, November is get something creative done month. I will keep you posted of my attempts; promise.

EDIT: Bloody Hell! So my decree goes double now. Get something creative done in the next 3 days, and then give the month a good going over.

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