Into every generation, is born…

Big evil threatening to ruin the world as we know it?
A trio of misfit schoolkids – wisacring girl leader, goofy guy spilling popculture references and a redhead – are the only ones who can stop em?
The crew helped out by a plummy-voiced school teacher, who takes off and on her specs at plot-significant moments, is flummoxed by their youthful decisions and carries an air of “I don’t know why I bother”?
The school- built on top of an older evil – as the focal point for bad things to happen?
Comic dialogue and outlandish schemes supporting a story about vigilance and personal responsibility?
Reoccuring bad-ass with bleach-blond hair?
The Chosen One?

Yup, it’s early 90’s CBBC show Dark Season , penned by Queer as Folk / Dr Who scribe Russell T Davies. What did you think I was talking about?

Spooky Buffy parallels aside (and DS predates even the Slayer movie by a year), this is a pretty cracking series. It’s incredibly pulpy, with Nazi plots and desperate professors, with science being both the problem and the answer. It foreshadows Davies’ Who work, as Marcie, the shows nicely paranoid voice of reason, is very much a Doctor. It really strips away the fluff and gets straight to the action – the first plot arc is resolved in 3 twenty-five minute episodes; shame there’s only 6 in all.

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