Election Livebloggers Unite!

OK, so here they are:

The CY Election Liveblog Guide
  • Chicken Yoghurt
  • Europhobia
  • Nick Barlow
  • Doctor Vee
  • Ryan Morrison
  • Curious Hamster
  • Small Town Scribble
  • Phil @ Cabalamat
  • Gordon Brown
  • The UK Today
  • Backword Dave
  • Dear Kitty
  • davblog
  • qwghlm.co.uk
  • If You’ve a Blacklist
  • See these lovely people for their inside scoop on the stuff thats being announced on tv anyway. Maybe not. But have it on as well, and get some extra info with added sarcasm. Ooh! Sarcasm! Thanks to Chicken Yoghurt for putting the resource together.

    Oh and if you haven’t voted, then vote. Or spoil a ballot at least. Don’t be a not voter. I voted, and look at me!

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