Back from the Apple

Back from an engrossing conference in the bright lights of NYC, with much to tell, in and out. John was an obliging guide (finding Tibetan food and the first issue of the new Peter David run on the Hulk are laudable achievements) and we covered a lot of ground over the scant six days. Also slid to New Jersey to see family, whichwas great fun and threw the urban nature of the rest of the trip into sharper relief. Got to catch up with some of Disa’s friends including an acoustic gig by Hannah, and I even spent some time in a genuine American ER room. Verdict? It was quicker than I was used to (then again, it was a Sunday night) though the staff were atimes hurried and impersonal. Plus it cost a wee bit more (versus nothing). I’ll probably post some stuff from the conference at Mindhacks – probably a summary of the memory reconsolidation symposium. If I can figure out how, I might put my poster up here if it interests anyone.

Oh, I saw The Edukators yesterday and thought it was pretty good. What drew me to see it as much as its theme (political activist/pranksters in crime-gone-wrong predicament) was the fact that Daniel Brühl, who I had seen in the excellent Goodbye Lenin (playing an Alex, no less) looks uncannily like me. Apparently he walks like me, too… should I be worried? Or… should he?

Image, originally uploaded by Alex .

I have no recent photos, but compare to this , adding hair everywhere, and – well, not everywhere thanks very much – and you have as close to a match as I’ve endured.

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