Our secret finally out

I was expecting this. There’s that momentary, moment of relief, like a burden lifted, but you know it’s only going to hurt science in the long run:

anthropologist Brent Wrigley suggested that the hatred of mice may be the single most important factor in the evolution of modern science.

Why do people always have to go and ruin a perfectly good thing? Sigh. Still, it’s hard to keep that wracking laugh down in your belly when you read about the solid, highly replicable work being achieved by stalwarts like this:

“It kills me that I can’t infect the control group,” Villalobos said. “Unfortunately, if I infect them, I’ll throw off my results. But once I complete this experiment, I’ll rotate the control group into the hot seat. Don’t you worry. They’ll get what’s coming to them.”

Kill em all dead.

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