In Print

The book is out, and it is beautiful!!! I got my copy today and ran round the building showing it to people who probably had much better things to do. But I’m a writer now, so screw em. Screw em all.

Sorry, I think the mouse thing is spilling over. Suffice to say that if you want to know about the brain, and the mind, and you want a bunch of mavericks to illuminate it using cognitive and visual illusions, pop culture and web-references, wrapped up in a very chic, sleek simple design, you couldn’t go far wrong. One hundred hacks, and me and Disa have a hand in six of them.

If you want a taste of what it’s all about, you won’t do better than to check out Mind Hacks, the blog of the book. I should be configured for it at some point so expect me to pepper this site with links to it; from this point explicitly science blogging will be confined to that location, whilst I’ll keep my scattershot blather here.

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