dragonriders [g+ backdrop]

OK, some of you may have seen my report of running several waves of Sundered Lands with German kids and teenagers at summer camp.

So yesterday M, the girl of perhaps 12 who helped out co-GMing having never played an RPG before that week, got in touch. I’d sent her an English language copy of the game for her to peruse and decode, maybe to play with her family.

Turns out she has totally hacked it and written her own game.


It’s called DragonRiders, it’s a 7-page PDF, with four types of missions:

der Suche von Dracheneiern (search for Dragon Eggs)

der Drachenjägerjagd (Dragonhunter hunt)

der Karthographie (Map-creation)

und der Suche von jungen unwissenden Drachenreitern (search for the young unknown Dragonriders)

Each mission has it’s own rule-sets – for instance, the Kartographie chapter has random village event tables (something totally absent from SL).

New character traits include Eidetic Text-Memory and Rules Through Music.

It’s beyond brilliant. I’m going to try it out next week.

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