Post-apocalypse [g+ backpost]

No apocalypse! But I enjoyed my apocalypse themed week, which was spent:

  • unRetreating with a set of devotional meditations aimed at aspects of the divine mystery (Deep Humanism stuff, solid)
  • taking Chinese herbs to revitalise the yang for the new 5th age (ancient herbalism, grim)
  • lucid dreaming the biggest discovery of 2013 by taking cognitive enhancers and setting a magical intent pre-bedtime (Yuschak/Barford method, ambiguous)
  • playing Monster of the Week with an apocalypse about to be triggered down the road in Aberystwyth (Sands, Powered by the Apocalypse, see link if interested)

And also watching films (Looper, John Carter Ted), drinking whiskey, walking on the beach and having my face licked by an enthusiastic dog, which aren’t apocalyptic per se. But fun.

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