Week’s end

Top of Mind: That Tuesday is not the end of any week I know, but I have an excuse! Two, actually, Indiecon and Impro Jam. Both really great, and both chances to catch up with great people. I even managed to squeeze in an hour walking in the New Forest.

Listening: Green Lights by Aloe Blac. Terrific old school soul track.

Reading: Sociocracy by John Buck and Sharon Villines. Apparently the core writings on sociocracy that precede this book are dry and inaccessible; so far I’m seeing some residue on the pages. Pressing on as I think there may be something to be had here.

Planning: Mask workshop this weekend, so we’ll  be graced with some European practitioners to show around and feed. 

Writing: I punched up my cv this week.

And you?

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