Week’s end

Top of mind: A Saturday full of making and creating at Brixton Village. This was the first time we – the umbrella collective of Brixton Village Idiots – curated a days-full of activities, and with the support (loaned furniture, suggestions, crepes) of Brick Box it went really well.  

Listening: Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Back from hiatus, brilliant, in the UK this December.

Reading: Finishing up The Case for Working with Your Hands by Matthew Crawford. I have a lot to say about this book – I agree with much of it and where I don’t, it’s forced me to sharpen my own position.  

Planning: Scheming the bones of a performing company with some improvisation co-conspirators. We hope to see this forming in the coming months. Now toying with a new format and thinking of when, where, and who else  to bring on board.  

Writing: impro – the uncivilised theatre, an article I’m hoping to submit to the Dark Mountain journal. Also, I’m ready to return to my political game, A Journey, thanks to a kind review of the rough draft I posted up online.  Stage one is to get it into a playable state and take it to a table. 

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