The lone stag stalks…. together?

My first stag weekend came and went, and verily, I am weary! Godspit, I’m clearly not getting any younger… but it was great sending Duncan off in some style. Nothing too much to say, a little karaoke, some fairly mild ritual shaming (to be honest, almost impossible with such an unflappable figure), shots, cheesy indie music, sake, far too little sleep, and paintballing.

I think the whole running in the woods with guns thing has unleashed something fairly primal in me, as I keep daydreaming key commando moments, and had an extended dream involving some kind of paintball war (and, I reluctantly add, some kind of Tolkeinesque faction of dwarves…). Frere Dodger was even more ‘up in it’, rescuing the flag and conducting madcore assaults on the enemy. As they say, “I’m just glad he’s on our side.”

Props to everyone there, and much love to Duncan. Next, wedding bells in Kyiv!!

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