Some pennies.

Yes I know the system has failed. What? I have a thesis to write! But in my tea-break I feel I can briefly update you on some things:

The illustrious Roger Ebert, king of US film critics, brings us the
best review ever.

Amanda Marcotte’s heartfelt paean to the mix tape generation.

A band who do Smiths covers in the style of Black Sabbath.

Reflections on our status in a wired world.

a terrific post from Jim Henley on paternalism, its acceptance by liberals and why he thinks it’s a loser.

(Some hat tips needed for Gary at Amygdala, and David T at Harry’s Place.)

2 Replies to “Some pennies.”

  1. And people kept asking me what Black Sabbath would be like if they did Smiths covers. Thanks to you, I now have a ready answer 🙂


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