Something familiar, Something peculiar, Something for everyone: A policy tonight!*

Posting policy, that is.

This whole blogposting thing has become increasingly slackadesical, and I’m the first to admit that. Mainly because the poverty of posting means there’s no-one else to do the admitting. The ridiculous thing is I have a stack of things to talk about, but they just get furled up or store away in a text file (normally a never-to-be-sent email, which I find functions quite nicely as an on-the go appendable list).

My attempt at a remedy is this: one post every three days, while offering comment free linkage on other days. That is, a one-liner like “Sebastian really hits it with this post: {link}” or “This story describes some interesting biotech developments, but there is some sinister goings on: {link}. Copyright of biological materials is going too far”. If I am in danger of spilling over into more, even a paragraph, I’ll finish it off and shelve it for the next post day, and replace with a link instead (hell, there’s millions of them). Link days may have more than one link, and may quote where appropriate. The Glenn Reynolds model of blogging, I guess. Items that ‘only’ get a link may later get upgraded to a post, in that I think of some interesting angle that I want to add. This counts as a post, so two link days to come. Goodies every day, with a personal touch as regular as I can make it.

*With apologies to Stephen Sondheim

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