Ticking over (brains, that is)

Tom’s got some nice brain quotes to gently knead our thoughts with, and also to segue seemlessly (as if there was ever a need!) into a mention of the book, the book being that book with which Tom and Matt will batter down the doors of the popular science publishing world, and simultaneously the book I emitted a few pieces for. This book.

Plus Eldan is unmistakeably back, which means either he is kicking the tail of his study-related projects or he has been roused like an unstoppable mythological beast – an animanticore, perhaps.

NB: I apologise for narrowing my humour such that only cognitive scientists who have a passing knowledge of the ancient greek bestiary will get. A truly high falutin’ joke.

(adopts Steve Cogan/Connor Hammil voice from episode 2 of The Day Today)

So what about me, OB? Am I elitist? Am I? Am I really an elitist? Am I? Am I? Am I?

Yes, or no? Find out tonight.

2 Replies to “Ticking over (brains, that is)”

  1. Actually the fruition of one of my study-related projects has been the creation of an animanticore that automates the process of cathartic rage for me. When things become too much, I press the button, the thing whirs into life and writes on my behalf, and I am able to regain a zen-like inner poise and get back to work.

    *sighs* If only….

    [PS: I’m looking forward to the book, though Amazon reckon it’s still a pre-order in spite of the publication date being last week]

    [PPS: in describing the people who will get your joke, you forget AI geeks who play/used to play Dungeons and Dragons. That group encompasses everyone in my lab]

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