The camping life

Yes I am tent-blogging. OK not really, but I have been spending my days waking at six to roll up my mattress and fold down my canvass dwelling. Now I sit in a Namibian bakery, which is a less unconventional locus of the blog, granted, but still fun, especially with that cinammon smell wafting by.

Smell it?


Very cool country, and ther wildlife of the savannah has a familiar yet-alien quality – their are recognisable components of many animals – the bull in the wildebeest, the fox in the jackal, the HGV in the elephant – yet twisted in unspeakably cool ways. I’ve got to see sprinbok stotting, and plenty of exciting carcasses, along with the obligatory bestial-copro moments. Nice. Perhaps I will paraglide tomorrow.

In essence, life is swell. Catch you in blighty, most likely.

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