CV, the drug of the nation.

Attempting an update of my CV, particularly for Public Engagement with Science type jobs. My first stab at a profile is a bit clunky. Any thoughts?

I am keenly interested in promoting science to a wide audience. For modern progress to continue, we need to attract new people into the sciences, and to ensure we are equipped to deal with the novel situations such progress always throws up we must provide the public both with accessible knowledge of the scientific facts on the ground, and, equally, the ability to bring scientific thinking to novel situations. Through my teaching, I spend a lot of getting students to apply systematic scientific reasoning to unexpected experimental results; via scientific training and public presentations I have learned to tell a story over outputting facts. The scientific community continues to teach me its processes, and I hope to promote them internally and externally.

Sentence 2 is particularly nasty, methinks. I’ve had to ruthlessly compress to fit with my 1-page criteria, so any advice should bear in mind I can’t unpack these sentences at will – they can’t be much longer than they are. Doesn’t mean they have to be there at all, of course…

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