The merry Whys/Whynots of Windsor

We had our postgrad departmental conference at Cumberland Lodge a few weeks ago. It’s a highlight of the year, based in scenic Windsor Great Park, and offering good cooked meals, huge baths, and table tennis. I co-organized the trip for 2003, where we shook up the format with a series of contentious debates: Is any phenomena truly psychogenic?; Is permission always a prerequisite of involvement in research? [mainly animal ethics]; What bearing does evolutionary theory really have on psychology?; Does science have all the answers?

Oh, the shouting! Oh, the finger-pointing! Oh, the sacrificing of hens on the prince regent’s bed. Love it.

This year the charming Disa and the also-charming David put it together. The topics?

    Psychological education – is Psychology a single unified discipline?

    What is a psychological law of nature?

    Peer-review – the best possible option?

    Who sets the scientific agenda?

Good meaty stuff, as I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ll be posting on a few of these – I made a few notes at the time and I’m trying to translate them into a human language. Quaking with anticipation? Oh stop it, you.

Wait – that was sarcasm? Bitch.

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